It’s understandable that you may feel some concern about traveling to Colombia for plastic surgery, especially if you’re worried about safety. However, not all perceptions about a country are accurate, and the reality may be different from what is portrayed in the media or movies.

To address your concerns and ensure your safety during your experience in Colombia, here are some important tips to consider:

  1. Consult and have your surgery performed by a certified plastic surgeon: Before making a decision, research plastic surgeons in Colombia and ensure that they are properly certified and members of the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery (SCCP). This will ensure that you are being attended to by a qualified and experienced professional.

  2. Ensure you have your surgery in a certified clinic: Choosing the right clinic is also crucial for your safety. Make sure that the clinic where the surgery will take place is certified and meets safety and quality standards.

  3. Inquire about postoperative care: Ensure that your plastic surgeon provides you with all the necessary information about postoperative care. Adequate follow-up after surgery is essential for a successful recovery.

  4. Stay close to your surgeon: When planning your trip, consider staying in an apartment or hotel near the clinic where you will have the surgery. This will make transportation easier and minimize the risk of logistical complications.

  5. Use certified taxis at the airport: Upon arrival in Colombia, take certified taxis from the airport to your place of accommodation. Certified taxis are generally safer and more reliable.

  6. Carry some cash in the local currency: It’s advisable to have some cash in the local currency to pay for transportation and other small expenses. However, avoid exchanging large sums in high denominations to avoid potential issues.

  7. Follow your surgeon’s medical recommendations: During the recovery process, strictly follow the instructions and recommendations provided by your surgeon. Avoid seeking additional advice from unreliable sources, as this could compromise your recovery.

Remember that every country has its challenges and issues, but there are also many safe and reliable people and places. By taking proper precautions and choosing certified professionals and clinics, you can significantly reduce the risks and have a safe and successful experience in Colombia for your plastic surgery. If you have more specific questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to discuss them with your surgeon or qualified medical professionals.

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